Netanyahu with an F-35 in Background sent messages to Houthi, Iran, Hamas and Lebanon

Tel Aviv, Israel – Yesterday, in a statement in front of Israel’s stealth F-35 fighter aircraft (IAF/IDF), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed insights about the prolonged nature of the conflict with Hamas, indicating that it could extend until 2025 based on current developments.

This declaration serves as both an update and a warning to all of Israel’s enemies, including Iran, the Houthi rebels, and Hezbollah. During his visit to the advanced F-35 aircraft, Netanyahu emphasized the increased likelihood of intense conflicts or even a multi-front war. He stated, “To be clear, so no one is mistaken, we will continue to fight on land, sea, and air until complete victory.”

The choice of the F-35 as the backdrop for these statements acts as a stark reminder to those threatening Israel, such as Iran, Hezbollah, and the Houthi rebels, of Israel’s air superiority and its ability to strike silently and from a distance at targets in their states anywhere in the Middle East. This comes shortly after the revelation of new, unidentified strikes against the Houthi, for which no nation has taken responsibility. As previously reported, these could very well have been executed by Israel’s F-35s.

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