NEW TESEO MK2/E anti-ship missiles for the Italian Navy

MBDA said in a press statement that will provide the Italian Navy with the new Teseo Evolved Weapon System, namely Teseo Mk2/E.

The TESEO MK2/E anti-ship missile is born! Thanks to the strong cooperation with the Italian Navy and leveraging on the worldwide known OTOMAT/Teseo family, TESEO MK2/E is a new standard in the anti-ship domain to counter ever- evolving threats at sea.

MBDA announced on Twitter

TESEO MK2/E feature larger warhead than its competitors on the anti-ship market & can strike also ground targets with a variety of new guidance modes that cannot be found on most of the missiles on the market.

As MBDA notes: The Teseo Mk2/E missile system will equip the next generation destroyer (DDX) and could replace the previous Mk2/A version onboard FREMM and Horizon class frigates.

The new multi-purpose Offshore Patrol Vessels (PPA – Pattugliatori Polivalenti d’Altura), currently in production, are already fit for Teseo Mk2/E installation in future. In the anti-ship weapon market Teseo Mk2/E will represent a new standard with its very high performance, and will be ready to be tailored for international requirements.

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