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NEW: The Greek ALS Frigate designs to be presented in DEFEA

New Greek sophisticated weapons & tech products are being revealed more and more in the DEFEA 2021 defence hardware exhibition, with the ALS Naval Ship Designs team specializing in warships being next in line.

Als NSD will present the Als Class series of ships, including various warships, from a corvette to a large frigate. In particular, ALS NSD’s stand at DEFEA will reportedly include the following ships:

  • Als Class 65 Coast Guard/OPV/Littoral Attack Craft
  • Als Class 75 Fast Attack Craft
  • Als Class 80 Light Corvette
  • Als Class 90 Corvette
  • Als Class 100 Littoral Combat Ship
  • Als Class 115 Surface Combat Ship
  • Als Class 125 Air Defence Frigate
  • Als Class 140 Air Defence Frigate

Als NSD, has been active for 11 years in the design and construction of warships and its members have participated in the design and production of many ships of the Hellenic Navy and the Coast Guard as well as in the construction of cruise ships and merchant ships.


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