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NEW US-ISRAEL ANTI-AIRCRAFT SYSTEM: “Arrow 4” is the answer to Iran


The United States and Israel are working together on an innovative missile defense system that can target and eliminate threats to the atmosphere and space, officials from both countries said on Thursday.

The Arrow 4 system represents the next generation of anti-aircraft systems and will replace the existing Arrow 2 and 3 systems in a few decades, officials said.

The Arrow 4 project is a direct collaboration between the Israel Missile Defense Agency (IMDO) and the US Missile Defense Mission (MDA).

“Arrow 4 is a partnership program between MDA and IMDO that demonstrates the U.S. commitment to assist the Israeli government in upgrading its national missile defense capability to defend the state of Israel from emerging threats,” said the MDA Director. John Hill.

While officials did not name the threat they referred to, it is clear that Arrow 4 is being developed with a view to Iran, which is a common enemy of both countries and is constantly developing its own advanced missile programs.

Israel has said the new program, the latest in a series of joint US-Israeli military efforts, will strengthen national security.