Nikos Dendias: “Turkey has invaded five countries and is threatening Greece”


“Really with Turkey, many times we don’t understand what they seek,” said Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, during his speech to the Parliamentary Committee on National Defense and Foreign Affairs on the Greece-France Agreement.

“Turkey claims to respect international law. It violates, however, almost all articles of the United Nations Charter on the maintenance of peace and security. Turkey claims to respect the Law of the Sea. However, it has not acceded to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which has been ratified by 160 states. “ he added.

“Turkey claims that it wants peace and stability. But it has invaded five countries in the region.
Turkey claims that it wants a fair solution to the Cyprus problem. However, it is trying to impose a two-state solution, ostentatiously ignoring international legitimacy and illegally occupying more than 37% of Cypriot territory.

Turkey claims it wants a dialogue with Greece and Cyprus. But it retains the casus belli, the threat of war against Greece. It daily challenges the sovereignty and sovereign rights of both Greece and the Republic of Cyprus.

Turkey claims to respect human rights. However, it refuses to enforce more than 640 convictions of the European Court of Human Rights.

Turkey claims to promote religious freedom, claims to respect world cultural heritage. However, it turns the monuments of the world cultural heritage, such as the Hagia Sophia and the Monastery of Chora, into mosques. There is no end to Turkey’s list of contradictions. ” concludes a part of the statement of Nikos Dendias that he posted on his Twitter account.

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