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“NUCLEAR STRIKE AGAINST JAPAN” – Chinese YouTuber makes Crazy statement

"NUCLEAR STRIKE AGAINST JAPAN" - Chinese YouTuber makes Crazy statement - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

A Chinese military YouTuber with 2 million followers has claimed that China should use nuclear bombs against Japan if it militarily interferes with China’s reunification of Taiwan.

The video tossed more than 2 million views in two days, with more than 10,000 comments in favour. A Chinese YouTuber called “Six Forces” posted a 5-minute, 44-second video titled “If Japan is militarily involved in Taiwan unification, we should nuclear strike Japan”

Japan news sites describe this Chinese channel as a military influencer that opened suspiciously last year and has suddenly uploaded about 130 videos with 50,000-20 million views each.

The video in question argues that “if Japan is militarily involved in China’s domestic affairs, Chinese response should be nuclear strikes on Japan until they are unconditionally surrendered, with no peace settlement.”

What is noteworthy is that the “nuclear strike against Japan theory” is not removed in China where censorship is strict & similar theories against Russia or the USA are getting removed from their platforms.


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