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ONE MAN ARMY: The Greek Commando that destroyed SIX Turkish Tanks

The Greek Commando that destroyed SIX Turkish Tanks | CYPRUS 1974 - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Manolis Bikakis was a Greek soldier who fought in Cyprus during the Turkish invasion of 1974 as a member of the 1st Commando Squadron. For his action, he received posthumous honors from the Greek Army and the Ministry of National Defence.

Bikakis was born in 1954 on the Greek Island of Crete. 

During the Turkish invasion, he participated in covert, Operation Victory, which was intended to strengthen the defences of Nicosia airport.

During a battle, he was cut off from the rest of his comrades, with whom he was reunited after three days, even though he was alone Bikakis had to defend his position against the invading Turkish army.

Bikakis fought alone for four days and destroyed six M48A2 battle tanks with his M67 anti-tank and fired his last two rounds at a building where Turkish troops had taken cover killing probably most of them. His heroic actions held up an entire Turkish battalion making him the “Greek Rambo”.

Bikakis fought the Turks in the area of Agios Dometios, to the west of Nicosia and his actions helped to prevent the occupation of Agios Dometios suburb which would have direct consequences resulting in the encirclement of the Cypriot capital of Nicosia and the capture of the airport.

After completing his military service he worked as a builder. He was killed in October 1994 in a car accident on the Athens-Patras highway. He was married and he was the father of two children.


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