PESCO | Greece participates in two new programs (MBT-SIMTEC & AirPower)

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The European Council today a decision updating the list of projects to be undertaken under the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO).

The EU Council in its decision includes 14 new projects that will be added to the list of 46 existing projects that have already started their research and development process under PESCO from December 2017.

According to the announcement of the European Council:

These 14 new PESCO programs include Strategic Air Transport for Outsized Cargo (SATOC), Medium-Sized Semi-Autonomous Vessel (M-SASV), Next Generation Small RPAS (NGSR) systems to develop the next generation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) military units in the naval and air sectors.

These programs also include the space defense program (DoSA), which is expected to increase the European Union’s operational efficiency in the space sector.

In total, the list of 14 new projects approved includes:

  • Main Tank Simulation and Testing Center (MBT-SIMTEC)
  • EU Military Partnership (EU MilPart)
  • Fundamental elements of European escort ships (4E)
  • Medium size Semi-Autonomous Surface Vehicle (M-SASV)
  • Strategic Air Transport for Outsized Cargo (SATOC)
  • Next Generation Small RPAS (NGSR)
  • Helicopter docking station for unmanned aircraft
  • Variable Power Small Arms (SSW)
  • AirPower
  • Future Medium-Size Cargo Aircraft (FMTC)
  • Network of Virtual Cyber ​​Technology (CRF) environments
  • Automated modeling, identification, and damage assessment in urbanized areas (AMIDA-UT)
  • Shared Image Node from State Sources (CoHGI)
  • Defense of Space Assets (DoSA)
SOURCE: EUCouncil & European Defense Agency via Journal of EU

According to the Journal of the European Union, Greece is currently actively participating in the Main Tank Simulation and Testing Center and in the “Air Power” program.


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