Russia used Electronic Warfare against 12 Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2s

The Russian Ministry of Defense published footage from the Russian Electronic Warfare (EW) systems in action in Ukraine and gave strange data to the public about the action and the number of Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2.

Specifically, the announcement of the Russian Ministry of Defense states:

“The crews of electronic warfare systems Krasukha-4S, Murmansk and Moscow

“Crews of the Krasukha-4S, Murmansk, and Moscow electronic suppression complexes work out tasks for searching and identifying aerial objects, including reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicles, and suppress the operation of aircraft onboard radar stations.

The complex has proven itself very well, works reliably in all weather conditions. Our main task is to cover the grouping of troops from radar reconnaissance and targeted enemy air strikes. During the operation, 12 Bayraktar complexes were discovered, we suppressed them, and the complexes could not make a targeted strike on our groups,” a Russian commander said, according to a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The problem with this announcement is that it is not clear whether it is talking about a recent incident and that the Russian announcements about the Turkish UAVs and their numbers are not that cohesive as they once state that they have destroyed everything but in other new announcements refer new shootings.

There are two possibilities, whether the Ukrainians continue to receive new Bayraktar TB2s from Turkey or the Russians exaggerate the numbers of shootings.

– GEOPOLITIKI – Translation may contain some errors, if you find one or more inform us via the comment section.

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