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Russia is ready to sell the SU-75 CheckMate to those wishing to acquire it

Su-75 CheckMate
The new Russian ‘Checkmate’ fighter jet Image from RT.COM video

An official of the Russian Military Export Administration said that Russia is waiting for a decision by any foreign country on the acquisition of the latest Russian fifth-generation fighter aircraft Su-75 Checkmate.

Director General of the Russian arms export company Rosoboronexport, said in an exclusive statement to “Sputnik”:

“During the 2021 Max Air Show, we, together with our colleagues from the “Unified Corporation for the Aircraft Industry”, which is part of Rostec. , have shown this plane to a number of foreign delegations, including the Indian delegation. We are waiting for their decision. If a request is received. From the partners, we are ready to consider options for cooperation.”

Head of the state company “Rostec” that runs the modern technical production sector in Russia, had revealed earlier, that the price of the Su-75 “CheckMate” jet fighter will range between 25 million and 30 million dollars, while the price of its French counterparts, “Dassault Rafale” and the Swedish “Saab Gripen” between $60 million and $90 million.

Russia presented its new fifth-generation aircraft, a single-engine light combat aircraft, to foreign delegations at the “Max” exhibition in July 2021, under the name “CheckMate”.

The Russian Minister of Industry and Trade expressed his belief that the demand for the new fifth-generation fighter will be great, especially as it keeps pace with and is even ahead of its foreign counterparts in terms of technical specifications and is sold at lower prices.

It will have a speed of Mach 1.8, and a range of atleast 3,000 km. Russia is expected to begin testing the new fighter jet, armed with a new arsenal of weapons, in 2023.



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