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Russia To Germany: “You don’t have the power you think you have”


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A pledge from the German defense minister to only talk with Russia “from a position of strength” will fall flat as long as Berlin is dependent on the US for its security, Moscow said on Saturday.

Foreign Ministry spox Maria Zakharova stated that:

“There is strength there, but it isn’t yours, and you can’t control it, Germany is completely and utterly within the US military sphere.”

Also, she advised that Germany shouldn’t feel bullish because US nuclear warheads are warehoused there. “It might look like power, but it isn’t their own,” she added.

Her comments come in response to German Minister of Defense, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, who told local media that “the Russian side has invested heavily in modernizing its armed forces, they have new weapons, and the threat has become much more evident.”

Where Germany needs to negotiate with Russia, such as around disarmament, it must do so “from a position of strength, and we will have to strengthen our position,” she said.

The Russian defense ministry also responded at Kramp-Karrenbauer’s remarks, with a spokesman saying to journalists that her warning that Russia was a growing threat was “the attempts of a primary school student to compensate for the ignorance of the subject with the loudness of the uttered absurdity.”

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