Russian snipers trained in a swamp forest


According to a statement recently made by Russian Defense Ministry, in the Kaliningrad region, the servicemen of the sniper unit of the Russian army corps of the Baltic Fleet were trained on conducting search operations in a swampy forest area.

Servicemen with standard weapons and special equipment made a march from their permanent deployment point. To complicate the task during the march, the snipers received various tasks.

Russian Snipers during the exercise | PHOTO: MIL.RU
Russian Snipers during the exercise | PHOTO: MIL.RU

Using the terrain as camouflage, the Russian Snipers had to hit suddenly appearing targets that imitate the enemy.

In addition, after capturing the intended line, the Russian servicemen, as part of the sniper pairs, worked out the tasks of organizing firing positions and camouflaging, taking into account the natural folds of the terrain and climatic conditions.

Also, during the practical part of the training, sniper pairs performed training shots at night in the absence of natural and artificial shelters using special night vision sights.

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