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SANA: Israel struck Iranian & Syrian positions near Damascus

The reports follow last week’s airstrikes conducted by the Israeli military, which, the IDF said, targeted Iranian Quds and Syrian Army objects in Syria. The attack resulted in three soldiers killed and one injured, Syrian media said, citing a military source.

An attack from IDF last week against Iranian targets in Syria resulted in three soldiers killed and one injured, Syrian media said, quoting a military source from the Syrian Arab Army.

An explosion occurred south of Quneitra in Syria, a SANA correspondent reported on late Tuesday, reporting it as a new “Israeli aggression”.

The Syrian newspaper Al-Watan said the air defense systems repelled some of the attacks. The photos of the strike in Quneitra have been shared on social media. 

SANA stated that another airstrike was launched towards the southern outskirts of Damascus from Golan Heights, and the attack resulted in material damage only.

Footage of the strike in Quneitra is also circulating on Twitter.

SANA said explosions were heard in the sky above the capital of Damascus, which the Israeli military took responsibility for, telling it struck “Iranian Quds Force & Syrian Armed Forces targets”.

The attack was conducted from the Syrian Golan Heights in retaliation for explosive devices purportedly placed by Iran and Syria to hit Israeli troops, the Israeli Defence Forces added.


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