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Serbian reaction to Albanian plans for Kosovo

Photo by Serbian Army

In a move that, if it goes ahead, could blow up stability in the Balkans, Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti has said he will vote for unification with Albania only if a referendum is held democratically, although that is not a priority for the government.

“I believe that there will be two referendums in which the people will vote in favor of unification. I was elected Prime Minister to fight against corruption and create jobs for young men and women. “I do not rule it out in the future, although for stability in the region it would be better for the six Balkan countries to join the EU,” he told media.

Kurti added that Kosovo and Albania are two states but one nation and that Kosovo has not declared independence from Albania, but from Serbia.

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic reacted on Sunday, calling the statement “another stone to undermining the foundations of regional stability and security” and said Kurti’s ideas “could cause significant turmoil throughout the region”.

Calling Kosovo an autonomous province of Serbia, Brnabic assured that there is no possibility of Albanian-Kosovo unification and urged the international community to make it clear that such a scenario is impossible.




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