Show of force by Cypriot National Guard during “IRIS 2021”

The Exercise “IRIS 2021” reached its final phase in Cyprus, according to a post by the Commander of the Cypriot National Guard, Lieutenant General Democritus Zervakis, in which he congratulated the forces that participated in the exercise.

In turn, the Minister of Defense of Cyprus, Charalambos Petridis, congratulated in his statements all the staff and the Commander of the National Guard for conducting the exercise.

“I feel very proud because I noticed the high level of education, the professionalism and the morale of our executives and hoplites. It is well known that the personnel of the National Guard is the most important power multiplier and contributes decisively to the strengthening of our operational readiness. ” stated, among others, the Cypriot Minister of Defense.


“I would like to assure you that the primary goal of the Ministry of Defense is the continuous upgrade of the National Guard in all areas.

We faithfully follow our armament program, in order to have a modern and flexible deterrent force for the security of our homeland as soon as possible. We do not talk much but we work hard and we will continue to work without talking.

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The period we are going through is extremely critical. “The Turkish offensive in our EEZ, as well as the recent opening of part of the Varosia coastal front, prove that Turkey is becoming more and more aggressive and unpredictable and it goes without saying that the National Guard should be on high alert,” he added.

In conclusion, I would like to once again congratulate all the staff for participating and organizing the “IRIS” exercise. You have proved once again your high degree of readiness and operational capacity. ” concludes the statement of Mr Petridis.


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