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South Korean F-35 “belly landing” mishap leaves the whole Fleet grounded

F-35A ROKAF South Korea
PHOTO: Heath Cajandig CC BY 2.0

During a training session on Tuesday, a South Korean Air Force F-35 was forced to make an emergency landing due to landing gear system difficulties, according to officials, who stated that the pilot was unharmed.

According to S.Korean news, agencies, the body of the F-35 was saved from significant damage because the S.Korean Air Force used a special foam on the runway before the emergency landing.

The plane belly-landed at an airbase, 151 kilometers from Seoul, yesterday when the landing gear failed, according to the authorities.

ROKAF officials informed the South Korean Parliament about the incident and denied the claims that the F-35 suffered serious damages saying:

“Major A was uninjured enough to walk out without any problem soon after belly landing, the fighter jet is not visually damaged.”

F-35A | Photo by Alan Wilson

“An investigation was immediately begun by our Air Force and the aircraft’s manufacturer, Lockheed Martin Corp, as a result of this emergency landing.” said the ROKAF official.

South Korean Air Force and the United States will work together to figure out what went wrong with the landing gear of the aircraft.

Till then, the whole F-35A fleet of the South Korean Air Force (ROKAF) is grounded

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