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Russian warplanes fly over the Turks – Low altitude flights and airstrikes in Syria

According to local sources, Russian air force aircraft on Thursday flew at low altitudes over Turkish armed forces bases in Syria. The Russian air force also carried out multiple bombardments in various regions of Idlib, which is controlled by Turkish forces. Despite discussions between Turkey and Russia on defense systems and armaments programs, relations between […]

SENTENCED TO DEATH – Military court in Libya convicted General Haftar

Libyan media reported that a military court in Misrata sentenced General Khalifa Haftar to death in absentia, based on the evidence presented to the court. According to Libya’s Al-Ahrar TV channel, the Military Prosecutor’s Office in Misrata announced Khalifa Haftar’s sentence after accusing him of bombing the headquarters of the Air Defense College in the […]

“ERDOGAN RESIGN” – Turks demonstrated in Trabzon

The residents of Trabzon in Turkey took to the streets to protest Erdogan’s economic policy. The Turks flooded the streets of the city holding empty pots and pans and asking the government to resign. According to the Turkish newspaper, Arti Gercek, the city’s police forces tried unsuccessfully to stop the protesters, who met on Uzun […]

LIBYA: Al-Sisi reiterated Egypt’s commitment to finding a political solution

During his meeting with the Chairman of the Presidential Council of the State of Libya, Mohamed Al Menfi, Egyptian President Al Sisi reiterated Egypt’s commitment to finding a political solution, while also expressing his wish to work more closely with Libya’s political actors. “Egypt’s fundamental goal is to ensure peace and security for our Libyan […]

Massive Russian airstrikes in Syria against ISIS terrorists

According to SOHR sources, the number of airstrikes carried out by Russian fighter jets against ISIS positions in the al-Rasafa and al-Tabni deserts in Syria has surpassed 40, marking an unusually high number of Russian airstrikes in Syria. These bombings took place following a series of reconnaissance flights carried out by the Russian and Syrian […]

US Embassy in Ukraine issues warning about Russian military activity near the borders

Reports of “unusual Russian military activity near Ukraine’s border and occupied Crimea”  prompted the US Embassy in Ukraine to issue a warning to U.S. citizens living in Ukraine. The statement explains that “Level 4 travel advice for Ukraine is still valid due to Russian occupying forces in Crimea, armed conflicts in the eastern parts of the Donetsk […]

ONISILOS – GEDEON: Cypriot Air Defense systems were fully activated in an exercise with Israel

According to the announcement of the Hellenic National Guard General Staff, the air defence exercise “ONISILOS – GEDEON 2/2021”took place on Tuesday, November 23, 2021, at the Nicosia FIR, which is part of the Annual Program of Military Cooperation between the Republic of Cyprus and Israel. The exercise was conducted and coordinated by the Air Force […]

MINORITY SCHOOLS: Turkey rejects emergency funding for Greek, Armenian and Jewish schools

Turkey rejected the funding for Greek, Armenian and Jewish minority schools. There are currently just 22 minority schools in Turkey, and it is estimated that their operations require approximately three million euros per year in total expenditure to maintain their current levels of operations. But the funding was refused by the ruling AKP party. In […]

Turkish fighter jets violated Greek Airspace over Oinousses and Panagia

Turkish fighter jets flew yesterday over Oinousses and Panagia eleven times, increasing the number of Greek airspace violations in the Aegean. A Turkish F-16 fighter jet entered the Athens FIR without submitting a flight plan at 1:32 p.m. and flew low over the Greek islet of Panagia, according to the Hellenic National Defense General Staff. […]