Special forces exercise of Greece and Slovakia

New strengthening of military relations between Greece and Slovakia, through the conduct of special operations exercises at a time when more and more countries are asking to exercise together with the Greek forces.

In particular, according to the announcement of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff:

Photo source: GEETHA

“From Monday 11 to Friday 22 July 2022, joint training between the Special Operations Forces of Greece and Slovakia was conducted under the coordination of the newly created Special Warfare Command of the Greek Armed Forces in Nea Peramo, Attica.

Photo source: GEETHA

During the co-training, items of advanced technical diving with closed-circuit devices, surface swimming, amphibious assault techniques, launching a boat from a helicopter and operations in an urban environment were performed with the aim of increasing the level of combat ability, cooperation and understanding of the participants, as well as the level of interoperability when designing and executing Special Operations.

Photo source: GEETHA

This activity is part of the planning of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff regarding the military cooperation of the Armed Forces of the two countries, with the aim of jointly promoting the level of operational readiness of the participants at a bilateral and inter-alliance level” concludes the announcement of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff.

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