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Syrian “T-55MV” tanks with “reactive armor” move to Daraa [Video]

Syrian "T-55MV" tanks with "reactive armor" move to Daraa [Video] - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Syrian forces redeployed in Daraa Governorate.

Among them, units were seen equipped with T-55MV tanks.

Its feature is the presence of dynamic protection “Contact-1”. Judging by the video that appeared on social media, these vehicles were previously actively used in battles, and some of them partially lost such a “reactive shield”.

Its containers, mounted on the turret and hull, explode when hit by RPGs or anti-tank guided missiles, significantly reducing the effectiveness of the accumulated warhead, thus saving their crews from being killed.

The tanks were adapted for firing 9 M117 guided ammunition from the 9K116 complex.
Good navigation is provided by a more powerful engine and new tracks.
In the convoy, an ordinary T-55 could be seen, independently reinforced with “Contact”, and the soldiers even installed it in the rear of the turret, which is not usually the case.

Also, the T-55MV modification has an improved system of fire control using a laser rangefinder and a ballistic calculator, according to the newspaper “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. These innovations made it possible to increase the accuracy of fire of the 100 mm gun, which is equipped with a thermal protective casing.



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