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BrahMos Missile Philippines Navy

BrahMos: Philippines Navy arms itself with deadly Indian missiles

In a letter that was recently revealed to the public, secretary of national defence of the Philippines Delfin Lorenzana informed, Indian Colonel Rajendra Negi who is, an Authorized Representative of Brahmos Aerospace Private LTD. that, his country accepted the possible sale of Brahmos Missiles for the Philippines Navy. More specifically the Philippines Minister of Defense…

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Iskander missiles

Iskander missiles: Lukashenko wants to deploy more missiles amid tensions with West

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko has said he wants to deploy Russian Iskander missiles in his country amid growing tensions over the migration crisis on the Belarus-Poland border. The EU accuses Lukashenko of orchestrating the crisis by channeling thousands of migrants from the Middle East to Belarus' border with the EU and encouraging them to enter…

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AMERICAN CONCERN: The United States worries about Iran’s missiles capabilities

Iran's missile force is the largest in the Middle East, and it has an infrastructure that enables it to develop new missiles with insane capabilities, including ballistic and winged missiles, the American magazine "National Interest" mentioned. Iran continues to develop its missile capabilities despite the American demands for Tehran to give up any missiles capable…

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China’s testing of new type missile warheads

According to China Central Television, missiles with a new type of conventional warhead were launched by the People's Liberation Army during exercises. The broadcaster reported that the first non-nuclear missile brigade of the PLA's missile forces recently dealt with harsh environmental conditions and complex electromagnetic interference, quickly responded to missions in the desert in the…

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