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Taliban WARNED Turkey about its troop presence in Afghanistan

Taliban WARNED Turkey about its troop presence in Afghanistan - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

The Taliban on Tuesday warned Turkey not to extend its troop presence in Afghanistan when US forces leave the country, insisting the decision is “reprehensible.”

“The decision … is a very important one,” he said. it is unwise, it is a violation of our sovereignty and territorial integrity and against our national interests,” the group said in a statement, days after Ankara agreed with Washington to provide security at Kabul airport when US forces leave next month.

“We dont want foreign forces to remain in our homeland from any country under any pretext of occupation,” the Taliban said.

As U.S. forces withdraw, the Taliban take control of much of Afghanistan and have now seized almost all of the provincial areas and remain to control the cities as well.

This will of course be a greater challenge than the mountains and deserts where they have been fighting so far, which is why they have called on citizens to support them in their efforts to prevail and impose the Islamic regime.

The Taliban have again warned against Turkey’s intentions to take over the protection of Kabul airport. In their first warning about two weeks ago they said that the stay of any forces in the country after the withdrawal of US troops would be treated as an invasion.

Seeing that it does not water the ear of the Turks, the group now sends the warnings clearly to Turkey in an attempt to prevent it from its plans to exercise control in Afghanistan as well.


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