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The “5 + 5 Committee” announces the reopening of the Libyan coastal road after more than two years

the   committee announces the reopening of the libyan coastal road after more than two years of closure e
The "5 + 5 Committee" announces the reopening of the Libyan coastal road after more than two years - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

The Libyan Joint Military Committee (5 +5) announced, on Friday, the reopening of the coastal road linking eastern and western Libya, after more than two years that it was closed.

In a statement today, the Military Committee reassured all citizens who use the coastal road that it is under the control of its Security Arrangements Committee, noting that it will carry out all security measures with complete professionalism and impartiality.

On Friday, the Libyan Joint Military Committee (5 + 5) concluded the sixth round of its meetings in Sirte, which started yesterday, Thursday, with the participation of the United Nations.

A member of the Military Committee, Major General Khairy Al-Tamimi, said in press statements that the meetings are discussing ways to complete the implementation of the terms of the Geneva ceasefire agreement signed on October 23 last, especially the ones of the coastal road and foreign mercenaries.

On July 8, the Libyan military “5 + 5” committee completed the maintenance work of the coastal road linking the east and west of the country – Sirte and Misurata, in preparation for its opening.

According to Libyan military sources who spoke to “Al-Ain Al-Akhbar” at the time, the committee had completed maintenance work and distributed security points, pending the official opening of the road during its next meeting, which ends today.

On July 10, the file of the coastal road was present at the table of the UN envoy to Libya, Jan Kubis, during his meeting with members of the General Command of the Joint Military Committee.

On June 20, the Libyan Presidential Council announced the success of efforts to open the coastal road and relieve the suffering of the Libyan people, but the road was not actually opened, and it turned out that what happened was the final agreement to open the road.

The coastal road file, which has been closed since April 2019, is the most thorny file that represents a great burden on the executive authority in Libya, and hinders the difficult peace process and national reconciliation, due to sharp differences over it.



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