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The Chinese WZ-7 “Soar Dragon” entered its training phase [VIDEO]


Chinese Air Force (People’s Liberation Army Air Force) revealed the Chinese WZ-7, its high-altitude reconnaissance drone that according to the news circulated by Chinese media, has just entered its training phase.

The new drone is often called in China as Soar Dragon designed by the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group and constructed by the Guizhou Aircraft Industry Corporation with its first model being displayed in 2006.

The “Soar Dragon” was officially unveiled in 2021 and after its training phase, it’s expected to join the ranks of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force.

The Chinese drone has a wingspan of 25 m, a height of 5,4 m, can hold a take-off weight of 7500 kg with a combat load of 650 kg and a maximum speed of 750 km/h

Watch the video:




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