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The Houthis have announced an ceasefire for 3 days

The Houthis have announced an ceasefire for 3 days
PHOTO By Ibrahem Qasim - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

As part of a peace offer, Yemen’s Houthis announced on Saturday that they would suspend rocket and unmanned attacks in Saudi Arabia for three days.

The Houthis said this could be a long-term commitment provided that the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen stops airstrikes and lifts the blockade of its ports.

A three-day halt to ground offensive operations in Yemen, particularly in Marib, was also announced by the Houthi, according to Mashat, head of the group’s political bureau, in a speech broadcasted live on Yemeni state television.

According to Houthis, “This is a real invitation, as well as practical actions to restore confidence and move all sides from a state of dialogue to a state of action”

The Houthi-controlled ports of Hodeidah and Khalifa were hit by airstrikes on Saturday, a day after the group launched a series of attacks in Saudi Arabia, including an attack on an oil plant in Jeddah of world oil.

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