Home NEWS The upgraded new “Pantsir” has advanced combat capabilities against drones

The upgraded new “Pantsir” has advanced combat capabilities against drones

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The upgraded new Russian "Pantsir" has advanced combat capabilities against drones - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Russia has created an upgraded version of the “Pantsir” air defence system to combat enemy aircrafts. The new “Pantsir” has increased its ability to combat enemy aircraft, especially drones. For example, its combat range increased by 30 percent when intercepting drones.

In an interview, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the range of the new “Pantsir” that was recently handed over to the Russian Armed Forces has increased by 30 percent for detecting and intercepting unmanned aerial vehicles.

The new version is capable of combating enemy drones and aircraft is called “Pantsir-SM” and the Russian Armed Forces TV “Zvezda” reported that “Pantsir-SM” received an upgraded radar for target detection and a new radar for tracking multiple targets.

A new type of missile was added to its weapons. The area protected by the new “Pantsir” has increased 2.7 times. “Pantsir-SM” can hit a target 30 km away from it, up from 20 km, and is able to detect low-flying targets. The Russian forces also have electronic means to combat the drones, which paralyze them in order to shoot them down, according to the Minister of Defense.



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