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The US set deadline to Israel to de-escalate clashes in Gaza

The US set deadline to Israel to de-escalate clashes in Gaza - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

President Joe Biden has intensified his pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to end clashes with Hamas.

The White House announced Biden told Netanyahu “that he expects a significant de-escalation today on the path to a ceasefire.”

This statement was a signal that Biden expressed to Netanyahu his concern about the escalating violence as the US President in no way wants to be involved in the situation with Gaza.

Previously, US government officials said their aim was to keep pressure on Israel limited to private talks.

But that seemed to change when the White House publicly revealed that Biden had set a short deadline for de-escalation of violence.

However Netanyahu said a day earlier that attacks on Hamas would “continue for as long as it takes to restore calmness to the citizens of Israel” and that the Israeli prime minister does not seem willing to change that.


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