Home NEWS Top PKK commander called for dialogue with Biden: “Turkey killed the prisoners”

Top PKK commander called for dialogue with Biden: “Turkey killed the prisoners”

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Bahoz Erdal, commander of the military wing of the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK), called on the new US administration to start a dialogue.

“The PKK is open to dialogue with USA,” Erdal told Medya News on Wednesday.

US President Joe Biden and his government need to consider “a new way of policy on the Kurdish issue”, based on a perspective that will be developed with the Kurds, Erdal added.

Speaking about Turkey’s operation against the PKK in northern Iraq in mid-February, Erdal said Ankara was not sincerely aiming to rescue HPG and PKK prisoners.

On February 14th, Turkey announced that 13 Turkish citizens had been found dead in a cave in the Gara region of northern Iraq during a military operation against the PKK.

Turkey claims that the PKK executed Turkish citizens who had been detained at various locations in the past six years, while the PKK has stated that they died in Turkish airstrikes during the operation.

Erdal said that if Turkey really intended to save the lives of the detainees, it would do so through diplomatic means.

“If four peaceful democrats came with the families of the detainees, this issue would be easily resolved,” he said.

According to Erdal, Turkey is targeting the Sinjar, Gara and Qadil areas in northern Iraq, where the PKK is based, and several of its bases, because it plans to occupy them, as well as the Mosul and Kirkuk provinces of Iraq. after the fall of the Ottoman Empire they should have been included in the Turkish borders.



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