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Turkey is waiting for approval from Russia to invade Syria

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PHOTO By William John Gauthier

According to sources quoted by the Middle East Eye news website, Turkey is currently in negotiations with Russia to launch a military operation in Syrian.

They say Russian and Turkish officials are negotiating Ankara’s request to launch an operation against Kurdish YPG forces, adding that in order to allow this, Russia is demanding the withdrawal of Turkish forces from Idlib.

Turkish security sources told the website that the Turkish Armed Forces have completed preparations for the start of operations. “We have almost completed the deployment of forces in Idlib. We are ready to protect the region from attacks by Syria and Russia.

Our experience tells us that even if an agreement is reached with Moscow, we must be ready to defend Idlib militarily. “Our experience with Russia has shown us this in the past.”

Turkish sources said in particular that the Turkish army could launch operations in northern Syria at any time and that it might take some time to deploy more troops.



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