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Turkey might declare EEZ pushing towards regional war

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Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Turkey could declare an EEZ in the Eastern Mediterranean, saying that this move would protect “all of Turkey’s maritime wealth, especially its hydrocarbon wealth,” and that declaring an exclusive economic zone is important for fishermen.

Specifically, he stated about the possible declaration of an EEZ: We can do this in the Mediterranean. Fishing is an important sector and our priority in the Mediterranean if such a need arises.

With the declaration of EEZ, fishermen from other countries will not be able to enter the area that will be included in the Turkish continental shelf.

“For this reason, the necessary measures must be taken, but the exclusive economic zone has not been declared in the Mediterranean until today, as there was no such need, but it may happen.”

Cavusoglu said there were no obstacles to declaring an exclusive economic zone for Turkey, noting that the logic that the Turkish continental shelf could not be protected was incorrect.

In fact, he said that part of the Turkish EEZ in the Eastern Mediterranean is already demarcated, referring to the illegal agreement that Turkey had signed with Libya.

Apart from the fact that the statement of the Turkish Foreign Minister is completely ridiculous, as if Turkey takes such unilateral action it will violate the Greek EEZ which is protected by the provisions of the Law of the Sea and European Union.

In reality, this action will be an offensive move by Turkey against its neighbours, that may provoke even an armed conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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