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Turkey wants to sign risky EEZ agreement with Gaza

Turkey wants to sign risky EEZ agreement with Gaza - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

“Libya model for Palestine ” is the headline on the front page of the Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak. “The signing of a Turkey-Palestine EEZ agreement can change the balance” the paper adds, listing a map showing the alleged Turkish-Palestinian maritime border, which is very reminiscent of the way the Turkish-Libyan maritime border was defined in the illegal Turkish-Libyan memorandum.

The paper says the signing of an EEZ between Turkey and Palestine was the idea of the retired Turkish sub-admiral and initiator of the “Blue Country” doctrine, Cihat yayci.

Yayci said such an agreement would provide political support to Palestine as it would increase its international recognition.

“If this agreement is signed, we will ensure that Palestine has gas in the Mediterranean Sea. While we support Palestine, we will prevent greece and the Greek Cypriot side from playing games in East Med.”

Although Israel opposes it because of its alliances in the Eastern Mediterranean, it will not react very strongly to such an agreement to be made by Palestine. Given the benefits to both Palestine and the Eastern Mediterranean, it is time for such an agreement. This agreement will make a significant contribution to the international recognition of Palestine,” says Cihat yayci.


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