TURKISH AND AZERI JOINT ARMY: Turkish parliament denies it

The news of the creation of a joint army between Azerbaijan and Turkey was refuted today by the Speaker of the Turkish Parliament Mustafa Şentop.

Sentop said he did not in fact refer to talks with Azerbaijan on the creation of a joint army and that the two countries are only conducting exercises together.

A journalist reportedly asked Sentop if a joint army would be formed, and the speaker noted that bilateral exercises were being held at this stage. The misinterpretation is probably due to a mistranslation of an Azeri website.

“We are also planning joint events in the field of military cooperation. We are working to implement agreements. “One nation – two states” is our motto. “A lot of negotiations have taken place and a lot of agreements have been reached on this.”

The statements came after the first tripartite meeting of the Speakers of the Parliaments of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Pakistan.

Turkey has expressed support for Baku by stepping up its crackdown on the conflict in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) last autumn. his interests. He also denied the rumours about the establishment of Turkish bases in the territories of Azerbaijan.

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