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Turkish anxiety is increasing: “The Aegean will become a Greek lake with the help of the USA”

Turkish anxiety is increasing:

The Vice President of the Turkish Re-Prosperity Party, Dr. Doğan Aydal, said in a written statement that the United States is preparing Greece for war with Turkey and that Greece is constantly invading “Turkish” as it calls islands in the Aegean.

The former professor who is also running for a position in the Turkish Presidency asks that the Turkish government not allow Greece to exercise its rights in the Aegean, as if this is done, the Aegean will become a “Greek lake”.


In his statement, Dogan Aydal said:

“Our government should seriously consider this matter. If they invade a few more islands in international waters making them a fait accompli, it will be inevitable that the Aegean will turn into a Greek sea.

Taking into account the presence of the US bases in Greece and the Greek Cypriot Administration of the Southern Cyprus region, which is positioned specifically against Turkey, we can say that a different preparation has been made for Turkey.

Especially in recent years, the United States has taken a position and supports a short-term conflict between Turkey and Greece in the Aegean Sea.

By continuously providing weapons and military equipment, the US provokes Greece against Turkey and makes a different preparation in the region.

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Perhaps they want to test the power and effectiveness of the modernized F-16 and F-35 aircraft provided to Greece against Turkey’s S-400sDogan Aydal said at points in his statement, adding that Greece has “stolen 18 islands” from Turkey.

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