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Turkish Interior Minister Soylu Claims “The Whole World Hates America” and Refers to Europe as a “mere Pawn”


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Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu’s recent statement on the relationship between the United States and Europe will likely cause a stir in the international community. Soylu claimed that “the whole world hates America” and referred to Europe as a mere pawn of the United States.

These statements are reflective of a growing anti-American sentiment in Turkey and highlight the true state of Turkey-US relations.

According to Turkish media, Turkish Interior Minister, Süleyman Soylu stated that

“there is no Europe. Europe does not exist. America exists. There is nothing special.” He also claimed that “America continues to lose credibility and the whole world hates America (USA), Europe is America’s pawn in Africa, all African states hate the states that exploit them and turn to their local languages.”

Turkish Interior Minister Soylu Claims "The Whole World Hates America" and Refers to Europe as a "mere Pawn" - GEOPOLITIKI

Soylu’s statements have sparked controversy and are likely to attract attention on the international stage. The Turkish Minister has been known for making similar remarks in the past and has enjoyed the support of the Turkish President, Erdogan.

It remains to be seen how the US and Europe will respond to Soylu’s remarks. However, it is clear that they reflect a deepening divide between Turkey and its Western allies.

The comments are likely to exacerbate tensions between the US and Turkey, which have already been strained in recent years due to differences over issues such as Syria, Iran, and Turkey’s purchase of Russian S-400 missiles.

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