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Turkish media spread FAKE NEWS that a Turk was killed by Greek fire

Turkish media spread FAKE NEWS that a Turk was killed by Greek fire - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Turkish newspapers report that there was an incident in Evros in which a Turk was killed by a Greek citizen. Although the news is all over the Turkish media, it is clear that it’s just another FAKE NEWS in order to disorient the Turkish public from the fires that have been affecting the country for days.

It is currently confirmed that Mehmet Durgun is dead but there is no information or any actual evidence that he was killed by Greek fire. The Turkish newspaper Birgun reported that the incident happened around 7 p.m. at the Greek-Turkish border in the area of ​​the river Evros. ”

“Mehmet Durgun is said to have gone with his friend S.D. on an island in Evros to pick up the boats left by illegal immigrants to cross the river. ” writes the newspaper.

“There was a quarrel with people from the Greek side who wore civilian clothes and Mehmet Durgun died on the spot after being shot in the head by a Greek during the fight.

Border guards sent to the area took Durgun’s lifeless body. His friend stated that he was not on the Greek side at the time of the incident “, The Turkish newspaper adds.

Greek media reported that the two Turks were smugglers of immigrants and that one of them was probably drunk & opened fire on his friend with his pistol.

Also, the Greek chargé d’affaires in Ankara, “following relevant instructions and responding to a relevant emergency protest demarche, to which she was summoned earlier today to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, rejected in their entirety the Turkish claims regarding an alleged incident in Evros.

Greek chargé d’affaires in Ankara pointed out to the Turkish side the obligation of the latter to guard its borders and not allow human trafficking and illegal migration.”


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