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Turkish Minister of Defence threaten’s Greece again

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar Greece

The Turkish Minister of Defence, Hulusi Akar, made new aggressive statements against Greece, calling the country to “Fix its minds and stop the armaments of the Hellenic Armed Forces.”

More Specifically, Turkish Minister of Defence Hulusi Akar stated:

“There are deep problems. Call us, let’s come to Greece, let’s talk, let’s talk here too. We can solve our problems. We expect Greece to abandon its actions and aggressive rhetoric that increase tension and speak as responsibly as possible. Don’t raise the volume, don’t disrupt the dialogue environment”

He didn’t stop there and spoke even more aggressively:

“Fix your minds, don’t get winded because of talking to third parties in any way, press your feet on the ground. Be smart and logical. Greece is also willing to rearm, which disturbs the calm and peace. Everyone should see this. Turkey is a strong, reliable and effective ally. Know this, adjust your behavior and your movements accordingly” Akar said in his statements.