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Turkish propaganda spreads over “occupied” Greek Island of Oinousses

PHOTO by Nikos Hardalias (Twitter)

Chaos prevails in Turkey and specifically in the Turkish media for a photo of the Greek Deputy Minister of Defense Nikos Hardalias on the Greek island of Oinousses in front of the Hellenic flag with the island’s guards and Asia Minor in the background.

MAP OF OINOUSSES via Google Earth

With war propaganda spreading for decades in Turkey, dozens of Turkish newspapers report the island as occupied by Greece and claim that Greece has no right to militarize it in accordance with international law. Although we are not sure what international law Turkey is talking about because most of its parts have not been signed by the Turkish governments.

Furthermore, a Turkish newspaper even wrote that Smyrni (Izmir) is threatened with the Greek army being so close and writes in huge letters that the Greek forces are exercising under the nose of Turkey.

As GEOPOLITIKI.COM we would recommend that Turkish media should calm down as these islands belong to Greece, it is widely known that Turkey never won Greece in a naval battle resulting in the loss of 95% of the Aegean sea.



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