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Turkish SOM-J prepares for mass production

SOM cruise missile mockup on MSPO

The Turkish cruise missile SOM-J is preparing for the final acceptance test, which is planned to take place this year, after which it will be allowed to go into mass production.

TURKEY F-16 photo Turkish SOM-J prepares for mass production
Photo by Steve Dawson. Turkish SOM-J prepares for mass production

It is expected that the Final Acceptance Test will be fired by a Turkish F-16 later this year and that the missile will have a range of approximately 300 kilometers.

Turkey heavily relies on this type of missile for deployment in the Turkish UAV Akinci, which serves as an airborne missile carrier, and for other purposes.

It was built to be compatible with the F-35 Lightning II, and it is intended to be utilized by armed unmanned aircraft such as the AKINCI, in addition to Turkish Air Force fighters such as the F-4E TERMINATOR and the F-16.

According to the company that manufactures it, after the final tests are completed, the missile will be put into mass production.


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