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Ukraine | Kinzhal Missile Intercept: Russia Claims PATRIOT System Destruction

Ukraine | Kinzhal Missile Intercept: Russia Claims PATRIOT System Destruction - GEOPOLITIKI

Ukraine reports that it intercepted and successfully shot down six Russian Kinzhal supersonic missiles overnight but at the same time Russia reports the destruction of a Patriot system in Kiev.

This marks the first time Ukraine has reportedly intercepted an entire Russian supersonic missile barrage, demonstrating the effectiveness of Western air defense assets.

Contrary to Russia’s claims of the destruction of a Patriot air defense system, Ukrainian Commander General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi confirmed the successful interception of all missiles and stated that no Patriot system was destroyed.


During the attack, Russia fired 18 missiles into Ukraine, but most appear to have been intercepted with civilian videos posted on social media proving these claims.

Also, videos that have surfaced raise questions about Ukraine’s insistence that no PATRIOT batteries were hit by the Russians, as a large explosion can be seen at the end of the intercepts.

In any case, what appears to be in the main a successful defence against the Russian supersonic missile attack may lead to a reassessment of Russia’s military superiority in this area and increase confidence in Western air defence systems.

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