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Ukrainian Air Force: SU-27 multirole fighter aircraft

According to Ukrainian Air Force, SU-27 is currently one of the Ukrainian Air Force’s most important modern fighter aircrafts.

In this article here on Geopolitiki.com we will present you some information about the Ukrainian Su-27s.

ukraine su-27 photo
Photo by simonbutler2

The Su-27 fighter jet was initially designed to gain air superiority against NATO fighter jets as it was one of the best multirole and extremely maneuverable Soviet aircraft with the ability to operate in any weather conditions.

Initially flying in 1977, the prototype was eventually delivered to aviation units in 1984, marking the beginning of the aircraft’s service career. OKB Sukhoi was in charge of development.

It has two afterburning turbofan engines, developed by “Lyulka,” which are notable for their extremely low fuel consumption.

ukraine su-27 photo
Photo by Airwolfhound

A massive fuel capacity of about 12,000 liters, allows it to travel up to 3600 kilometers and maintain a strike radius of up to 1500 kilometers on one tank of fuel.

The Radar of the aircraft for its time had advanced capabilities as “light fighter jets” can be detected at a distance of 60–80 kilometers in the front hemisphere and 30–40 kilometers in the rear hemisphere by the onboard radar N001.

ukraine su-27 photo
Photo by Ronnie Macdonald

The radar can track up to ten targets at the same time and direct the guidance of two missiles on the same target. There is also a laser rangefinder, which can be used to track targets in low-visibility situations while maintaining excellent accuracy.

The Ukrainian Su-27 can carry missiles at a total of ten points:

Six under the wings, two under the engines, and two under the fuselage between the engines.

It can be armed with Air-to-air missiles R-27 (R-27R/R-27ER) with a range of 73 to 130 km and thermal guidance (R-27t and R-27ET) together with some R-73 missiles that can hit aerial targets in a range of between 30 to 45km.

This was a quick presentation of Ukraine’s Air Force SU-27 capabilities. Check also the article about the Russian Su-35s!

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