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Ukrainian “Oplot” delivered to the United States after 8 years


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The US finally received the T-84 Oplot-M tank, which Ukraine had been building for almost nine years after a series of delays.

The Ukrainian main battle tank T-84 “Oplot-M” is a high-tech version of the Soviet T-80, developed at the Kharkiv Design Bureau. It is designed to hit targets on the ground, as well as low-speed and low-altitude air targets while providing superior protection and high mobility for ground forces compared to its previous T-80 versions.

Ukrainian "Oplot" delivered to the United States after 8 years
By Міністерство оборони України

It is armed with a 125 mm gun with an automatic loader. It is equipped with built-in reactive armour, which can protect the tank effectively. In addition, the tank is equipped with a photoelectric countermeasure system, which reduces the possibility of exposure to anti-tank missiles and the USA showed interest in acquiring it by proceeding with a contract for the supply of “T-84” (Oplot-M) in 2012.

According to the document, the United States was supposed to receive the tank in 2013, but the deadlines were not met. US Army often buys foreign tanks and armoured vehicles for testing purposes and for the training of its forces.

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