URGENT: New rocket fire from Lebanon triggers Israeli response


Sirens sounded again in Israel with at least 10 rockets fired from Lebanon targeting Israel. Most of the rockets aimed at northern Israel were intercepted by the Israeli armed forces, while the rest fell in open areas near the Golan Heights.

The Israeli military has said it will not allow attacks on Israeli civilians to go unanswered and has launched an offensive in parts of Lebanon from which rockets were fired.

Rockets were fired from Lebanon at Israel two days ago. In particular, three rockets were fired, one of which failed and landed on Lebanese soil, while the other two hit an open point in northern Israel.

Israel has said it blames the Lebanese government for the attacks, saying that could had prevented such incidents. The attacks on Israel are likely to come from the Lebanese-based Hezbollah terrorist organization backed by Iran.

The recent attacks on Israel are probably the result of increased tensions between Iran and Israel on the occasion of the incident with the attack on the Israeli tanker. Today’s attack may also be related to yesterday’s statement by the Israeli Defense Minister that Israel could attack Iran if deemed necessary.

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