US Senator Rick Scott visited the Hellenic National Defence General Staff

According to a recent announcement by the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS) “On Monday, April 03, 2023, the HNDGS Chief General Konstantinos Floros welcomed the US Senator and member of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, Mr. Rick Scott, as part of his official visit to the HNDGS and Greece.

During his brief introduction, after welcoming the Senator, the Head of the HNDGS first referred to the effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, mainly in terms of the perception of building a new architectural model of defense and security in the Euro-Atlantic area, but also more broadly.

He also pointed out that Greece is a reliable Ally that promotes stability in the Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean region, respecting international legitimacy and observing the principles of good neighborliness, and contributes to NATO’s deterrent capacity, with the active and practical participation of the Armed Forces both in Alliance and EU actions and operations, as well as in bilateral and multilateral corporate cooperation schemes.

He made special mention of the strategic relationship and defense cooperation between Greece and the United States, which is based on the common vision for peace, stability and security, based on the principles of International Law and the protection of human rights, and emphasized the strategic importance and value of Souda bay and Alexandroupolis in providing significant facilities to the Armed Forces of both the United States and our other Allies and partners.

This was followed by a briefing by the Director of the Strategy-Policy-Defense Planning and Capabilities Department of the Greek Armed Forces General Staff Apostolos Mitsopoulos on matters of national defense policy as well as current geopolitical developments.

Concluding his position, the Chief of the General Staff once again pointed out the commitment of our country to the stabilizing role in the wider region, as well as the commitment to further upgrade and strengthen the bilateral military cooperation of the Armed Forces of the two countries” concludes the announcement of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff.

-Translation by Geopolitiki – may contain some erros.

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