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The US sends 155 mm howitzers and “Phoenix Ghost” drones to Ukraine

The US sends 155 mm howitzers. and
PHOTO: PHOTO: The U.S. Army (Flickr)

In a statement issued Thursday, US President Joe Biden pledged additional military aid to Ukraine.

A round flies downrange from a US Marine Corps (USMC) M198 155 mm Medium-Range Towed Howitzer from Sierra Battery, 5th Battalion, 10th Marine Regiment, on the East Fuji Maneuver Area (FMA), Japan (JPN).

A total of 72 155-mm howitzers, as well as 144,000 artillery shells, are included in the latest help package, which is expected to greatly assist Ukraine in conducting operations.

The 144,000 artillery shells could last up to four weeks, according to experts cited by “Washington Post».

Photo by Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Tarr, U.S. Army Europe

According to Samir Puri, an analyst at the Singapore-based International Institute for Strategic Studies, “these shells are actually equipment designed to help Ukrainians defend themselves against impending Russian attacks.”

U.S. Air Force photo by Mauricio Campino

But help from the United States does not stop there as at least 120 tactical Drones named “Phoenix Ghost” are also included in the military aid.

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