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Syria: US special forces found ISIS leader, in Turkey-aligned Syrian rebel groups region

PHOTO: A pair of UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters (U.S. Army photo by: Staff Sgt. Marcus Fichtl)

US special forces have crossed into Turkey-aligned Syrian rebel groups region in Northern Syria and arrested a senior ISIS leader hiding in the area.

According to an announcement of the Operation Inherent Resolve Command:

“Coalition forces conducted a counterterrorism operation to capture a senior Daesh leader during an operation in northern Syria on June 16. The captured individual is an experienced bomb maker and operational facilitator who became one of the top leaders of Daesh’s Syrian branch.

U.S. Army Special Forces (USSF) raid a mock hostile compound under the cover of darkness during a training exercise, Boston, Mass., Apr. 28, 2021. (U.S. Army Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Justin P. Morelli)

The mission was meticulously planned to minimize the risk of collateral damage or civilian harm. The operation was successful; no civilians were harmed nor were there injuries to Coalition forces or damage to Coalition aircraft or assets.

Coalition forces will continue to work with our partners, the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Iraqi Security Forces, including the Peshmerga, to hunt the remnants of Daesh wherever they hide to ensure Daesh’s enduring defeat” the announcement concludes.

U.S. Navy photo / Petty Officer 1st Class Daniel R. Mennuto

The fact that a top ISIS leader was hiding in Ankara’s best friends, not to mention the the operation was conducted in Syrian areas, that have literally been occupied by Turkey after the Operation “Euphrates Shield” is something that should worry NATO.

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