U.S.-Turkey relations pushed to the edge: “The U.S. supports terrorists”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke to reporters on his return from Tehran blaming the US and saying it should remove its troops from Northern Syria.

Erdogan said launching a new operation in northern Syria would remain on the agenda unless Turkey’s national security concerns were addressed and accused the US of supporting terrorists.

Erdogan said that the United States should leave the area east of the Euphrates, and that there are continuous attacks by the Kurds on the Turkey-Syria border.

“Our soldiers were martyred here, our own people were killed. Not only Turkish citizens, but also civilians killed in Idlib and other areas” Erdogan said.

Photo by Kurdishstruggle, CC BY 2.0

“America must leave east of the Euphrates. This emerged from the Astana talks. They say that America should withdraw its troops from east of the Euphrates. Now, one result that will come out of this is Turkey’s expectation because America is the one that feeds the terrorist organizations there.

Since America is feeding terrorist organizations, while we are fighting against these terrorist organizations, our job will be easier once it withdraws from there or if it stops feeding these terrorist organizations” the Turkish president said.

Erdogan also said he wants Russia and Iran to stand by Turkey in the fight against terrorism.

Furthermore, regarding the condition placed by the US House of Representatives that for a possible sale of F-16s to Turkey, they must not be used for violations of Greek airspace, Erdogan said that when he spoke with American president, Joe Biden, at the NATO summit in Madrid in June, he did not set such a condition for him.

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