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“The U.S. would have responded the same or even stronger” – Netanyahu on Israel’s military campaign in Gaza

"The U.S. would have responded the same or even stronger" - Netanyahu on Israel's military campaign in Gaza
Photo by Benjamin Netanyahu (x)

In an assertive dialogue with Fox News, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed Israel’s response to the October 7 attack, comparing it to a hypothetical U.S. reaction to a similar scenario. The Prime Minister defended the actions taken following October’s massacre by Hamas, which he described as “the worst attack on Jewish people since the Holocaust,” suggesting that the U.S. would have responded “at least as strong as Israel did” and possibly stronger.

In an effort to highlight the ethical conduct of the Israeli military, Netanyahu pointed out the precautions taken to minimize civilian casualties, such as warning calls, flyers, and the establishment of safe zones. He contrasted this with Hamas’s repeated pledges to carry out massacres over and over again, underscoring the need for a decisive victory.

The interview took a firm stance on the necessity of a complete victory, with Netanyahu expressing confidence in the progress made, noting that “Three-quarters of Hamas [battalions] is destroyed.” He drew parallels with the fight against ISIS, emphasizing the importance of not leaving any remnant of the enemy force.

In another interview with ABC’s “This Week,” Netanyahu presented a grim tally of the conflict, reporting 28,000 Palestinian casualties, as per Hamas-run health authorities, and detailing Israeli losses and captures during the October 7 events. He reaffirmed the goal of bringing home hostages and concluded with a vow for total victory against Hamas as a beacon of hope for peace in the Middle East.

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