“We will destroy Hamas” Netanyahu’s war message paves the way

Netanyahu recently addressed people of Israel with a harsh war message paving the way for a full-scale conflict between Hamas and Israel:

“No battle more just than this, they attacked us on our holiday, killed our children, no country would accept thousands of rockets on it.

I spoke with president Biden, and many countries Austria, Slovakia, Czech republic expressed support they know we’re fighting justly. We’re continuing to fight with our complete strength.

We are doing everything possible to minimize harm to Palestinian civilians, to strike only terrorists. We’ve destroyed Hamas tunnel structure, not just meant to infiltrate Israel but also those used for weapons storage.

We have attacked buildings uses as Hamas HQs; the building that went down in Gaza today was Hamas military intel, not innocent building.

All these operations were to make Hamas reconsider ever attacking us again. We’re still involved in the fight, and it will go on as long as is necessary.

I want to address what’s going on inside Israel.

There are Arab gangs who are attacking Jews and their property, synagogues. I’m not talking about majority of Arabs or large numbers of Arabs. The police forces alone must deal with this. No one is allowed to take the law into their own hands.

It’s unacceptable for an Arab to lynch a Jew, or for a Jew to lynch an Arab.
I give all my support to police, Shin Bet to do what is necessary to restore order.
Whomever acts like a terrorist will be treated like a terrorist.

I ask on all citizens to remain near bomb shelters for the coming days; we must act in time of war like in time of pandemic”

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