“We will occupy Athens in 5 hours” & Sedat Peker

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Sedat Pecker reacted to Metin Külünk, a member of the Turkish ruling AKP party’s central committee, who made aggressive threats against Greece saying that Turkey can occupy Athens and Thessaloniki.

We’ll be at Thessaloniki in 5 hours. We’ll occupy Athens in 5 hours.

Whatever they do, remember that the old Turkey no longer exists,” said Kulunk, a former AKP MP and close ally of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan remarked provocatively at an event titled “Turkey’s Place in the New World Order” against Greece.

Metin Kulunk

The reaction to Kulunk came quickly from Sedat Peker, a self-exiled Turk in Dubai who has been labeled as a “head of organized crime” by Turkey, which had previously accused Erdogan’s close associate of bribing with at least $10,000 each month.

Metin Külünk, an old buddy, was overjoyed once more. “If necessary, we would enter Athens in 5 hours,” he declared. When you first arrived in Syria, you stated that we would pray at the Emevi mosque in Damascus on Friday. However, if Russia refuses to grant permission, you will be unable to fly a kite from the opposite side of the border “Referring to Kulunk’s words, Peker remarked in a Twitter post.

Sedat Peker

“Obviously, Greece will be the new storyline in which our naive and pure people’s feelings will be used. May God Almighty spare no one from suffering. What kind of fraud is this, though? But what kind of test is that, exactly? Sedat Peker said and added, “We are only opposed to interest rates.”

“But, for God’s sake, is there a larger moneylender than the state?” he says. Even usurers do not charge the same amount of interest as the state when loans from state banks, water bills, and other state debts are not paid on time. If we’re going, to be honest about interest rates…” Sedat Peker concluded.

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