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Albanian prosecutor who tried to close Katsifas case is being charged with abuse of power


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A criminal prosecution has been launched against the head of the Argyrokastro prosecutor’s office, Julian Tsafka, who, in a failed attempt to close the Katsifa case, recently concluded that Greek minority member Konstantinos Katsifas was not killed by Albanian police but “committed suicide”.

The prosecution was filed by the Albanian special anti-corruption prosecutor’s office “SPAK” in another case in which he appears to have been bribed by a lawyer to rob his client. Tsafka is accused of “abuse of power” and “bribery”.

According to the indictment, the case for which the prosecutor is accused concerns a car accident that occurred in 2019.

The accused through his lawyer had given 3,000 euros to prosecutor Tsafka, half of which was intended for the judge of the case, in order to acquittal.

It is recalled that in the Katsifa case, the attempt to cover up the murder by Tsafka was noticed by the president of the Argyrokastro court, Suela Dassi, who ordered the continuation of the investigation.

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