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BMP-3: The powerful Russian IFV - GEOPOLITIKI
BMP-3: The powerful Russian IFV
The BMP-3, the initials of "Boevaya Mashina Pekhoty" ("infantry fighting vehicle (IFV)"), represents the pinnacle of Soviet and Russian engineering in infantry fighting vehicles. As the successor to the BMP-1 and BMP-2, the BMP-3 possesses a number of quite capable features as a IFV, including powerful armament, advanced optics and excellent mobility.Contents History Armament…
Defence against ballistic missile strikes
Defence Against Ballistic Missiles: 10 Effective Strategies for maximizing Protection
Ballistic missiles are a major threat in today's world, capable of causing massive destruction and loss of life. To protect against these threats, effective defense strategies and technologies that enhance the effectiveness of air defense must be employed.Contents Ballistic Missiles Early warning systems Missile Defence Strategies Interceptors Laser weapons Anti-ballistic missile systems Countermeasures Cybersecurity…
DEFEA 23: EODH's proposal for the modernization of Leopard 2A4 (ASPIS-NG) - GEOPOLITIKI
DEFEA 23: EODH’s proposal for the modernization of Leopard 2A4 (ASPIS-NG)
During the defense exhibition DEFEA 2023, the Greek company EODH presented a Leopard 2A4 tank with the ASPIS-NG Modular Protection armor package. A complete protection package that includes both ERA and an active protection system.EODH's ASPIS-NG for Leopard 2A4It is a next-generation hybrid protection package developed to increase tank survivability against modern threats…
Exocet: The lethal French anti-ship missile - GEOPOLITIKI
Exocet: The lethal French anti-ship missile
One of the most important assets in a military, are its anti-ship missile systems, just like the MM38/MM40/AM39/SM39 variants of the Exocet. A family of anti-ship missiles with a huge global presence, different versions and many accomplishments in the field.Photo By Ludovic Péron - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, development of ExocetDevelopment…